Simple medieval purse inspired by Czech manuscripts

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Dated 14th century

This shape of purse was one of the most common ones. We can ind it in Czech iluminated manuscripts such as Právní kniha písaře Jana (1359), Brevíř mistra Lva (1356) Liber de pictus (1350 - 1375) or Liber Viaticus (1360)

The inner construction of these purses could vary from very simple such as this one up to very complicated with many inner pockets. This piece is the most simple version of such a purse. Opening of one big pocket is strenghtened by a leather strap sewn on by two rows of stitching and closes with a simple leather flap.

Geometrical decoreations are quite popular on leather goods ( Schnack 1994, Goubitz 2009, Enzenerger 2007, Cowgill, Neergaard, Griffiths 1987) even with combination with stamping. The staps are made according to excavated pieces from London (Cowgill, Neergaard, Griffiths 1987)

Overall height18cm

Overall width 19,5cm

Opening of the pocket 18,5cm

Height of the pocket 10cm

Loops for the belt 3cm

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