Small girdle purse from Elblag


dated to end of 13th century - 15th century (Marcinkowski Miroslav 2009)

The purse is made according to a photo of the original piece and mentioned dimensions. Only surviving piece was front part of the front pocket, but in quite good condition. This shape of purse was very popular in first half of 14th century, for instance in Romance of Alexander (Bodley 264 Romance of Alexander; 1338 - 1344) wear most man very small purses like this one. Shape is common for the whole 14th century and some 15th century.

Division of front panel of back pocket is inspired by very similar, but bigger piece from german city of Konstanz (end of 13th century; Schnack 1994) Construction of the purse is based on thesis of O.Goubitz (2009). The same panel was found in Czech city Plzeň, also the size is more appropriet for the outer part and was dated to 15th century (Orna and Dudková 2020)

Overall height 12cm

Overall width 13cm

Opening of the back pocket 10,5cm

Height of the back pocket 6cm

Opening of the front pocket 10cm

Loops for the belt 3,5cm

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