Medieval leather belt bag from Toruń

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dated by analogy from Konstanz (Schnack 1994) to 14th century

The purse i s made according to excavated fragments described by Anna Drazkowska (2009) from cesspit in city centre of Toruň. Because ot the fact, that the fragments are from the same pit. I tried to combine the pieces almost as suggested, and applied the thesis of O.Goubitz (2009) to make a whole piece. Considering the now known thesis there is a question, whether the pieces are not actually from two separate purses and not from one.

Width: 17,5cm

Height: 16,5cm

Opening of front pocket 12,5cm

Depth of the front pocket 8cm

Opening of the back pocket 14,5cm

Depth of the back pocket 11,5cm

Loops for the belt app. 2,5cm

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