Spatious medieval girdle purse according to an excavated piece from Plzeň

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Dated 1350 - 1450 (Orna, Dudková 2020)

The excavated piece consists of the front panel and the hanging loops. We build the purse around it inspired by pictures and sculptures from end of 14th century. David from a scene David and Goliath in Czech manuscript Liber Viaticus (fol. 9v; dated 1360) is wearing a very similar looking purse with a small flap with no visible closing device.

The overall construction is following the thesis of O.Goubitz (2009) and the inner pouchlets division is inspired by similar but smaller piece from Toruň.

Purse is made out of vegetable tanned beef leather combined on the pouchlets with chrom tanned horse leather and linnen lining. The sewing is made by thick flax thread mostly on a sewing mashine and by leather thong.

Height 25cm

Width 22,5cm

Opening of the back pocket 17cm

Height of the back pocket 12cm

Opening of the front pocket 16cm

Width of the opening of the front pocket 14,5cm

Loops for the belt 6,5cm

2,000.00 Kč
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