Spatious medieval pouch inspired by excavated piece from České Budějovice

dated to 2nd half of 13th century (Hoch 2018)

This piece is inspired by an excavated piece from České Budějovice, as there is only drawing of the pouch available some of the features might be slightly different on the original, but we work on quite tight analogy to other pieces from Schleswig and Sczeczin. 

There are two extra rows of stitching on the sides next to the main seam. Compared to well preserved piece from Sczeczin, which has this part in original shape, and compared to pieces from Sleswig, which has the rows of stitching very well drawn there is not much room to doubt that this stitching actualy formed the first fold of the closing and helped the whole pouch to have more sharp look and would be easier to handle. 

There are two small knots on the upper edge of the pouch which serve as handles for opening the pouch. In this case I used them to attach the latchets closing the pouch, as the holes suggest this solution.

On the lower edge there are longer strings peaking out of the pouch. It is suggested, that they were used to attach extra pouches to the bottom of the big one, but I wen with an analogy from Schleswig, where very similar ones were just rests of decorative tassels.

The product is hand made from vegetable tanned goat leather and hand sewn with linen threads 1:1 to original size.

Height 21,5cm

Width 17,5cm

Lenght of the string 21cm

1,600.00 Kč
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