Historical belt pouch according to an excavated piece from Greifswald

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Dated 1350 - 1400 (leather flap Greifswald 2nd half 14th century Enzenberger 2007; back pocket London, without dating Egan&Pritchard 1991)

Main inspiration for this purse was the ornate leather flap from Greifswald. Traces of stitching are visible only on the upper edge of the flap, so it is just a flap and not the remain of the front pocket. The rest of the purse is taken from similarly shaped piece from London, which has the flap missing, but has matching size. The loops are missing on both pieces, so they are our invention according to common variants used.

Purse is made out of vegetable tanned beef leather in combination with soft chrom tanned goat leather. Sewing is made by thick linnen thread mostly on the sewing mashine.

Overall height 18,5cm

Overall width 16,5cm

Opening of the pocket 13cm

Height of the pocket 10cm

Loops for the belt 4,5cm

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