Girdle purse according to a painting from Hamburg

dated 1379-1383 (altar St. Petrikirche Hamburg, Mistr Bertram)

Purse is inspired by a painting from altar from Hamburg dated to 70s - 80s of 14th century. The front pocket is shorter than the back, and at the front panel of the back pocket is sewn a quite big contrasting outer pouchlet. Traces of pouchlet of this size could be found for instance on similarly dated (after 1350) panel from polish city of Kolobrzeg (Wywrot-Wyszkowska 2008).

Overalll height 19cm

Overall width 19cm

Opening of the back pocket 16,5cm

Height of the back pocket 11cm

Width of the opening of the front pocket 13cm

Loops for the belt 3,5cm

2,500.00 Kč
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