Medieval girdle purse with wax tablets according to an excavated piece from Dordrecht

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Dated 15th century

Purse made according to an excavated piece from Dutch city of Dordrecht and O.Goubitz idea of the original shape (O.Goubitz 2009).

The decoration on the front pocket is my invention to this piece, as it has an ornate inner pocket, but with conservative approach nothing to show it on the outside. The original piece of carved decoration is depicting a bird, so I repeated the pattern on the outer shell aswell and added popular patern of grapevine from Czech manuscript Zrcadlo spasení from Krumlov (1420).

According to the description of the purse was the whole piece made of leather with no textile parts, so we made it accordingly.

The purse is made out of vegetable tanned beef leather, outer pouchlets out of vegetable tanned goat leahter.

Wax tablets wit three "pages" and brass stilet are part of the product.

Overall height 24cm

Overall width 26,5cm

Opening of the back pocket 21cm

Height of the back pocket 12 - 13 cm

Opening of the front pocket 19,5cm

Height of the front pocket cca 11.5 - 12cm

Loops for the belt 8cm

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