Medieval leather pin case (red)

dated 14th - 15th century

This piece is originaly inspired by a piece from a collection of personal items of Hermann von Goch from Köln am Rhein. The used pattern of animals and floral design is though taken from an armbrace from London from the same era. Floral designs were also used on pincases. Presented piece is made slightly bigger to the original.

Pin case is a necesity for every medieval lady, as the pins are part of elaborate hairdos and veils as well as holding layers of clothing together. It could be worn on a belt or in a bigger container.

The pin case is made of vegetable tanned hardened beef leather with inner part made of parchment. It is glued as well as the original piece is and these small boxes often were. The strings are made of silk by fingerloop braiding.

Height 9,4cm

Width 4cm

Depth 1,8cm

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