Small medieval leather pouch from Kolobrzeg

Dated to 13th - 14th century (Wywrot-Wyszkowska 2008)

Only a fragment of the pouch was preserved, but it is still possible to determine the height, detail of the seam and a way of attachment of the drawstrings. As these pouches are often wider than higher I made the ratio following this fashion. The sides of the pouch have each two additional rows of stitching, which form the side of the pouch to a flat surface. This helps the pouch to fold in a proper and more precise manner.

Sewn on double drawstrings are characteristic feature of the pouches from end of 13th century and forward through the whole 14th century. (Wywrot-Wyszkowska 2008, Schnack 1998)

There is a hole left at the bottom of the original fragment probalby left by a missing tassel (Schnack 1998) so leather tassels are used here as a small embelishement following the fashion trend of 14th century on otherwise simple bag.

The pouch is ment to be worn hanged on a belt or hidden inside a bigger container.

Whole piece is handsewn by a linnen thread and is made out of vegetable tanned goat leather, except for the strings which are made of beef leather. Its measurements are taken from the excavated fragment 1:1 and the width is added to fit the overall trend in these products in medieval times.

Height 10,5cm

Width 12cm

450.00 Kč
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