Medieval leather pouch from Szczecin

dated to 13th century (Kowalska 2010)

Practical size pouch joined by a tabby wowen seam from silk threads. Tassel is atached by a leather thong with a metal ring as shown in the drawing of the excavated piece by ms. Kowalska. The pouch is closed by two flat leather strings made of vegetable tanned beef leather.

Original piece is made of redisch goat or sheep leather and sewn from outside by decorative stitching. The tabby wowen seams are mentioned in England and Germany for 14th century, so it made sense to use it here aswell. Pouches like this are ment to be worn on the belt.

The pouch is hand made from vegetable tanned goat leather and the seam is hand sewn /wowen by silk threads. The product is made 1:1 to original piece.

Height 11cm

Width 14cm

Height of the loops 21 cm

Width of the strings 8mm

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