Tiny medieval pouch from Wroclaw

dated to 14th century (Konczewska 2010)

Small leather pouch, most probably used to carry coins. Found in Wroclaw PL. The sewing material is missing, so our attempt was just to fill the holes in reasonable way. They are quite big, and it seems to be sewn from the outside in two different ways. The change of stitching near the closing helps to close the pouch more tightly. The pouch is probably because of its size ment to be worn in a bigger container (pouch / purse) rather than hanged on the belt. That is why we used very short string. The second row of stitching serves as a decoration as well as stiffening of the edge.

The product is hand made from vegetable tanned goat leather and sewn by vegetable tanned goat leather string of contrasting colour.

Height 11cm

Width 7cm

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