A purse inspired by French original

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Dated to 15th century

The purse is inspired by well preserved ornate piece from France, published in Purses in Pieces (O.Goubitz 2009). It was made as a technological trial, and as such is slightly shorter than the original piece and has only simple decoration.

Inner pouches are made according to O.Goubitzs thesis on construction of these kind of purses. The original piece has a division on the back part of the belt loops, as is quite common with these pieces. This detail is quite often repaired on the originals, and as such I decided not to copy it on this piece due to its fragility. It is possible to make this purse as an commision including this detail which originaly probably served the maker to save material.

The girdle purse is made out of vegetable tanned beef leather combined with chrom tanned horse leather on the outer pouchlets and linen lining. The whole piece is machine sewn with linnen thread and hand finished with a leather thong.

Overall height 15,5cm

Overall width 19cm

Opening of the back pocket 13,5cm

Height of the back pocket 7,5cm

Opening of the front pocket 11,5cm

Height of the front pocket 8cm

Loop for the belt up to 5cm wide

1,500.00 Kč