Bigger medieval leather pouch from Wroclav


Dated from 2nd half of 13th century to 14th century (Konczewska 2010)

The pouch is inspired by size, decoration and closing device by an excavated piece from Wroclav (Poland). The original piece is also decorated by metal studs on the edges which add even more decorative effect to the whole piece. There are two additional rows of stitching next to the side seam and after nearer examination they make the first fold of the pouch more ridgid and allow easier manipulation with the pouch. Two leather latchets going against each other and sewed on the upper edge serve as a simple closing device.

In the lower part of the original pouch is a leather strap with holes in it. In the same row are two holes as probable placement of similar things. Using an analogy from Schleswik and Greifswald (Germany) we interpreted the pieces as decorative tassels, which was fashionable thing also on other contemporary pouches from textile.

The product is hand made from vegetable tanned goat leather and hand sewn with linen threads 1:1 to original size. 

Height 23cm


Length of the string app. 21 cm

1,200.00 Kč 1,600.00 Kč