Double framed purse from Dordrecht

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Dating 15th - early 16th century

Bag with metallic frame created as a replica to verify my own research work in the Dordrechts museum depot and as a presentation item for a published research paper. You can read more about the research and production process in a separate blog post here.

The bag is made up of two pouches hung back to back on two metal frames, which are connected at their centre by a metal swivel. The swivel is designed to hang the bag from a belt.

The bag has been transported and presented at several ocasions, so may show signs of light wear from handling. It is therefore being sold at a reduced price.

The entire item is made of vegetable tanned cowhide leather lined with chamois deerskin as the original was most likely made. The design and dimensions of the stitches and construction pieces are made as on the surviving original. The pouches are sewn with silk thread using the period technology (thin awl and thread attached to boar's bristle). The drawstring of the inner pouch is made of silk fingerloop braid. The frame has been modified to match the surviving shape of the leather parts of the bag.

Overall height of the bag: 23cm

Overall width: 16,6cm

Opening of larger pocket: 13.5cm wide

Smaller pocket opening width 12cm

Hanging loop width 1.5cm

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