Smaller medieval girdle purse inspired by excavated pieces in the Netherlands

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Dated 1350 - 1450

Smaller version of the Dutch inspired bag made loosely according to the pieces published in the book "Purses in pieces" (O.Goubitz 2009). The size is practical for modern use, as it is quite roomy and you can fit your phone and wallet in it, but it is on the bigger side considering the size of this kind of bags used in 2nd hal of 14th century.

You can find very similary shaped purse on the tympanum of Church of Our Lady before Týn in Prague (dating 1380). The man on the statue wears a long dagger hanged onto the purse. Purses of this shape are very popular for this era and are easily to find even in ikonografic sources (such as Evangeliář Jana z Opavy 1368, frescos in Podolinec SK dat. 1360 - 1380 and Levoc SK dat. 1390)

The carved motiv is taken from a 14th century brocade.

Overall height 19,5cm

Overall width 20cm

Width of the opening of the back compartment 14cm

Height of the back compartment 12cm

Width of the opening of front compartment with a textil panel 11,5cm

Maximal width of the belt to fit to the opening 4,5cm

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