Small medieval purse from Hradec Králové (CZ)

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dated 1250 - 1350 (Richter - Vokolek 1995)

The shape and size of this piece is based on excavated piece of front panel of the back pocket found in Velké Náměstí in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic). It is dated from second half of 13th century to first half of 14th century.

I followed thesis of O. Goubitze (2009) about the construction of such medieval purses. The outer shape and shape of the hanging loops is based on pictures from British manuscript Luther Psalter (around year 1330).

The purse is made out of vegetable tanned beef leather, combined on the outer pouchlets with soft chrom tanned goat leather. The sewing by linnen thread is made mostly on a sewing mashine.

There is a small error in the final stitching by the leather thong, which will not affect the function or durability of the piece. The error is taken into account in the price. (see the detail photo)

Overall height 12,5cm

Overall width 14,5cm

Width of the back pocket 11cm

Height of the back pocket 7,5cm

Width of the front pocket 10,5cm

Height of the front pocket 5cm

Loops for the belt 2,5cm

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