Red medieval pouch with silk edge and leather tassels from Schleswig

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dated to 14th century (Schnack 1998; Schleswig Abb 33 Nr. 6559

Rectangular shaped leather pouch with leather tassels is made according to an excavated piece from Schleswig. As well as other pieces from this site the pouch had rests of incised leather strings attached to the bottom of it. Similar adornments could be found also on other sites around medieval Europe (České Budějovice, Szczecin, Lübeck).
Shape of the pouch is easily found in period pictures and goes with the fashionable trend seen from 13th to 15th censtury and is ment to be worn hanged on a belt.

Upper edge of the excavated piece has rows of holes left by reinforcment seam. As the leather is not very deformed I chose to make a tabby woven silk edge, which is suggested for such pouches by Egan and Pritchard (1991) on pouch from London and which could be found on well preserved piece from Köln am Rhein. This technique is commonly found on excavated textiles pieces from the same era.

Closing of the pouch is secured by two drawstrings against each other sewn to the edge of the pouch.

The product is made of thin vegetable tanned goat leather with beef vegetable tanned leather strings. Whole piece is hand made and sewn by flax and silk threads.

Height 18cm

Width 12,5cm

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