Small girdle purse from Chrudim made of soft leather

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dated 14th - 15th century (Frolík, Sigl 1998)

Purse is made according to a well preserved piece from medieval city of Chrudim. Original piece has the whole outer piece and parts of the inner panel of front pocket. These inner pieces hold according to thesis of O.Goubitz textile or thin leather lining. In my interpretation is used thick linen. There is no trace of the front panel of the back pocket, so I made a simple pocket with reinforced upper edge to keep it simple.

Purses shaped like this one are quite common in skulptures and iluminations of the era in Czech and Holy Roman Empire (for instanc Liber Viaticus 1360, musician in presbyterium of the church of st. Jakub Větší in Drahoňův Újezd dated in last quarter of 14th century; statue off Theoderich von Lichtenhayn, die Predigerkirche in Erfurt DE 1366,...)

This product is simplified to original version and does not have the linen part, and is made completely of chrom tanned calf leather and sewn by flax thread on a sewing mashine.

Overall height 16,5cm

Overall width 16,5cm

Width of the opening of back pocket 13cm

Height of the back pocket 7cm

Opening of the front pocket 11,5cm

Loops for the belt 5cm

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