Medieval leather pouch from Köln am Rhein

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Dated made before 1398

A pouch made out of light soft vegetable tanned leather decorated by silk tabby wowen edges and a main seam decorated by a string woven on a comb. On the pouch are 5 pieces of colourfully embroidered textile handles in shape of small spheres made of linen and silk. Strings are made o silk threads by fingerloop technique used on the original piece. The whole piece is handmade using the techniues correct for the period and pattern.

Original piece is owned by city museum of Köln am Rhein. The museum acquired it as a part of collection of items called "Nachlass von Herrmann von Goch" which were owned by the city since 1398 after execution of Hermann von Goch by the citizens of Köln. Thanks to the fact, that the items were not in the ground, but in the city archive all the textile pieces on the pouch are still almost intact and even the original colours are easy to read. You can find more in our blog post about making this piece and you can find photos of the original pouch on our pinterest.

Size of the pouch is taken from descriptions in online database of museum of Köln and also from a great book "Mittelalter in Köln"(Schäfke undTrier 2010).

Height 18cm

Width 16cm

4,500.00 Kč