Medieval girdle purse with wax tablets according to an excavated piece from Konstanz

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Dated to 14th century (Schnack 1994)

The size is based on a front panel of the back pocket from Konstanz. This fragment is dated to 14th century, and on the front piece are places for three panels / pouchlets. The middle part has no holes for the strings, therefore it is quite safe to assume, that it served as a pocket for wax tablets and not as a regular pouchlets. (following the thesis of O. Goubitz). This kind of a detail is mentioned on a decorative fine piece from Dordrecht.

Outer shape of the purse is made by exaggerating the back pocket and adding the loops. This type of shape is quite typical, it could be seen for instance on a statue in tympanon of Pragues church Our Lady before Týn (dated 1380) where it is worn with a long dagger hanging from it, or in iconography (for instance  evangeliář Jana z Opavy 1368 and frescos in Slovak churches in Podolinec dat. 1360 - 1380 and Levoca dat. 1390 )

The wax tablets are part of the product, as well as a simple stilus made of brass. The size of the tablets is app. 4x8cm and they are designed according to the size of the original pocket.

The purse is made out of vegetable tanned beef leather combined with soft chrom tanned calf leather on the outer pouchlets. The lining of the front pocket is made of linnen. The whole product is mostly machine sewn using thick linnen thread imitating hand sewing

Overall height 19,5cm

width 20,5cm

Opening of the back pocket 15,5cm

Height of the back pocket 9,5cm

Opening of the front pocket 15cm

height of the front pocket 9cm

Loops for the belt up to 5,5cm

2,500.00 Kč