High medieval girdle purse from Dutch city of Hoorn - black

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Dated 1400 - 1450

The purse is build around the detail of a small detail of a trefoil which attaches the closing strap to the body of the object. This detail is mentioned in the book "Purses in pieces (O.Goubitz 2009) on not one, but two examples from Dutch cities of Dordrecht and Hoorn. The front flap and the shape of the front compartment is taken more from the piece from Hoorn. Inner structure of the purse is also based on thesis from above mentioned book.

This type of decoration could be found also in period Czech paintwork. Specificaly on a detail of a painting "Bičování Krista - epitaf Markéty, manželky Jana Ratolda" dating after 1431 (detail of the trifoil on the purse is visible after zooming in)

The historical leather bag is made out of softer vegetable tanned beef leather combined with textile panels out of flax. The outer pouchlets are made of chrom tanned goat leather. The purse closes by a brass buckle made according to excavated pieces by Lorifactor.pl Seams are mostly mashine sewn with a thick flax thread.

Overall height 22cm

Overall width 23cm

Width of the back pocket 18,5cm

Height of the back pocket min.9,5cm

Width of the opening of the front pocket 16,5cm

Height of the front pocket app. 12,5cm

Loops for the belt up to 6cm

2,600.00 Kč