Medieval pincase from hardened leather - green

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Cases made from hardened leather are part of a personal equipment of medieval people since 14th century. In 15th century they are also quite often depicted even in contemporary art. The pincase is kind of a necessity for every medieval woman as later a small make up kit... Pins are a great part of headwear and even clothes, and are not only a part of a sewing kit.

The case could be worn on a belt, or in a bigger casket. 

It also could be a part of mens equipment, as in the Nachlass von Hermann von Goch, a medieval "bussinessman" , it served for needles for probing precious metals (piece inspired by that one could be found here).

The motif used on this piece is originally from a hardened arm brace found in river Thames from 14th century, but the character of the decoration is not that far from decoration used on other pin cases

The pin case is made of vegetable tanned hardened beef leather with inner part made of parchment. It is glued as well as the original piece is and these small boxes often were. The strings are made of comination of plant dyed and regular silk by fingerloop braiding.

Height 9,4cm

Width 4cm

Depth 1,8cm

Height of the hanging loop 5cm

600.00 Kč