Medieval leather pouch from Greifswald - red with silk covering

dated around 1300 (Schäfer 1998)

Set of pouches excavated in medieval city of Greifswald dated to second half of 13th century has several things in common. Most of them has row of fine stitches on the upper open edge, and except for one piece have leftowers of leather tassels on the bottom. Most of them also have the sides reinforced by two rows of stitches. There were no surviving threads on the leather piece, as well as the original colour is nowadays hard to tell.

Following Schäfers and Pritchards theory about using tabby woven silk edges on leather pouches I decorated the upper edge in this manner. Such functional decoration could be found on several surviving leather pouches from Köln am Rhein, some of which are also in our production.

Leather drawstrings attatched to the upper edge close the whole piece.

The overall shape corresponds with fashion trends of 13th and 14th century in contemporary paintings and manuscripts. Pouch is ment to be worn hanged on the belt, and was worn by both men and women. Very similar pieces could be found also in Schleswig and Kolobrzeg and are dated also to 14th century.

This find still had the side edges decorated with a leather strip with linear decoration. Some of the pouches bear traces of additional layers that were attached by means of a tablet woven edge, and therefore this one also has the outer part covered with hand-dyed silk.

The product is hand sewn and woven using silk threads and vegetable tanned goat leather 1:1 to original size published in above mentioned archaeological article. 

Height 10cm

width 18,5cm

height of the loops 33 cm

2,100.00 Kč