Medieval leather pouch from Szczecin with silk upper edge

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dated to 14th century (Kowalska 2013)

Many of the medieval leather pouches are wider than higher and this piece follows this trend. Upper edge of the pouch has traces of sewing serving as decoration or reinforcement. Here are the holes filled with tabby woven edge which was used on period textile pieces as well as on excavated pieces of leather from later years - for example a pouch from Köln am Rhein, which is also in our production and dates to end of 14th century.

The sides of the pouch have secondary rows of stitching forming a flat surface making the folds of the pouch more precise and easier to form. The pouch closes by two drawstrings sewn to the upper edge of the pouch.

The product is hand made from vegetable tanned goat leather and hand sewn / woven with silk threads 1:1 to original size.

Height 12,5cm

Width 18cm

Lenght of the string 27cm

1,600.00 Kč