Ridged medieval pouch from Greifswald

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Dated around 1274 (Schäfer 1998)

This unique piece has specific ridges unlike other pieces of the era. On other pieces they are just formed, here they were also sewn in order to protect its form. As well as other pieces from Greifswald it has upper edge lined with fine stitches, but opose to the rest have no tassels at the bottom. The excavated piece has no threads left, so the colour choice is our interpretation of it.

We filled the holes on the upper part with tabby woven edging made of green silk, the same silk used for stitching on the main body of the pouch.

The pouch closes by two drawstrings which also serve to hang the pouch on a belt.

The product is hand sewn and woven using silk threads and vegetable tanned goat leather 1:1 to original size published in above mentioned archaeological article. 

Height: 15cm

Width 18cm

Length of the straps 30 cm

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