High medieval girdle purse from Pilsen

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dated 1350 - 1450 (Orna, Dudková 2020)

The purse is built around the discovery of part of a girdle purse found in Pilsen. It is the front part of the front pocket with complete loops for hanging.

The inspiration and setting of the purse in a 14th century context is the depiction of a very similar purse in Liber Viaticum in the scene of the duel between David and Goliath (fol 9v, dated 1360) where David reaches into the purse and lifts the small flap on the front. The back pocket is then based on similar finds from Toruń, Poland.

The pouch is made of vegetable tanned cowhide leather, complemented by oil tanned leather on the soft outer pouches and lining of the front pocket. The stitching is mostly machined with linen thread and complemented by hand-stitching of the leather strap on the main seam. The purse closes by leather strap and brass buckle.

Total height 25cm

Overall width 22,5cm

Back pocket opening width 17cm

Back pocket height 14.5cm

Width of front pocket opening 16cm

Height of front pocket 14,5

Belt opening up to 6.5cm

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