Light brown leather pouch from Kolberg (PL)

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Dated to 14th century (Wywrot - Wyszkowska 2008; Taf XXXIV.4)

Simple pouch with an inner seam according to an excavated piece from Polish city of Kolberg represents one of more types found there.

Two oposit going latchets atached to the side seams serve as an reenforcement as well as a closing and a hanging device of this small leather container.

The pouch is made of thin vegetable tanned goat leather, side seams are sewn on a machine by a linnen thread. The shaping of the folds and attachment of the latchets is again made by hand. Colour is our interpretation, as the original piece was not examined for it.

Height 18cm

Width 17cm

Height of the loops app. 18cm

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