Small black medieval pouch with silk woven edges from London

dated late 14th century (Egan &Pritchard 1991)

Small decorated pouch with a loop for hanging. Pouch is quite unique by the presence of the hanging loop and the drawstrings at the same time. The hanging loops are frequent with the textlil pouches from this era (Schmedding 1978). The two drawstrings also hold the loop in place, and with special way of tying keep the pouch closed.

Original piece has traces of stitching around the whole perimeter and is sewn from outside. Authors suggest, that it might be because of decorative silk stitching such as mentioned in Chaucers Miller´s tale. This silk woven edges are present on some textile remnants from the same sites, but also in Prague and also on preserved piece from Köln from end of 14th century.

Pouch is hand made of vegetable tanned goat leather and hand sewn / woven with silk threads. The strings are made of beef leather The whole piece is made 1:1 to the original.

Height 9cm

Width: 9,5cm

Height of the loop 10cm

Width of the string 5mm

1,050.00 Kč