Středověká brašnička na opasek

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dating 1350 - 1425

Belt pouch of simple hemispherical shape in medium size. Its size is based on the extant front piece of a back pocket from London (Egan and Pritchard 2003, no. 1705). The original piece was made of vegetable tanned deerskin.

The belt loops and the shape of the front piece are based on contemporary depictions (e.g. on the sculptural decoration of the Nuremberg Frauenkirche of 1360). And the overall technological solution is based on O. Goubitz´s book Purses in Pieces.

The bag is made mainly of cow leather with outer pouchlets of horse leather and a textile panel of coarse linen. The seams are made by machine with thick linen thread.

Overall height 17cm

Overall width 19,5cm

Back pocket opening width 15,5cm

Height of back pocket 9cm

Width of front pocket opening 11cm

Height of front pocket approx. 7cm

Loops for the belt 4,5cm

1,800.00 Kč