Black medieval belt with dome shaped mounts

Belt from thick vegetable tanned beef leather with copper aloy mounts, buckle and strap end. These hollow dome shaped mounts with a single separate rivet were quite popular way of embelishment on medieval girdles. The beginning of this fashion could be traced to mid 14th century and goes through at least to the end of 15th century. The use of these domes could be just as a row of points, or it could be grouped in ornaments on wider pieces. It is often shown in iluminations and paintings of the era (e.g.: ) aswell as on the excavated leather pieces (e.g. Egan & Pritchard 1991 pg. 175).

This combination of buckle and a strap end will be accurate in the time range of 1350 - 1500. Buckle is made according to excavated pieces from England (Finds from England) and the strap end according to a piece from Gdaňsk.

There are 50 pieces of mounts on the belt.

Length 162cm

Width 1,8cm

2,600.00 Kč
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