Medieval leather pouch from Schleswig

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dated to 14th century (Schnack 1998; Abb 34 Nr. 1462)

This middle sized leather pouch is made according to an excavated piece from Schleswig (Germany). There are holes and rests of strings in the lower part of the original, and the author of the book expect these to be decorative tassels, as they could be found on other pieces from the same site, as well as on better preserved pieces from Greifswald.

The overall shape of the pouch is in line with fashion trends of the end of 13th and the whole 14th century and similar pouches could be found in contemporary depictions. The bag is ment to be worn hanged from the belt, using the two drawstrings used also as a closing device.

The pouch is made out of thin vegetable tanned goat leather, the drawstrings are out of beef leather. It is machine sewn by a linen thread from the inside, and the visible details are finished by hand.

Height 15cm

Width 20cm

Height of the hanging loops app. 30cm

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