Medieval leather pouch from Schleswig (black)

dated XIII - XIV century (Egan and Pritchard 2013, fig. 227)

Larger leather purse with large folds. The original was made of vegetable tanned deerskin, and was torn in the middle and repaired. The simple pouch provides quite a bit of space, the simple drawstring and the size of the folds make it more suitable for carrying larger items than just coins.

Compared to much more finely made pouches, it could be argued that this is not an outright fashion piece, it is probably more of a practical part of poorer clothing or a pouch to protect specific items carried in a larger bag.

The pouch is made of thin tanned goatskin leather with a cowhide strap. It is sewn on the inside by hand with linen thread.

Height 18cm

Width 20,5cm

Height of sling from top edge approx 25cm

400.00 Kč