Medieval leather pouch from Schleswig

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dated to the 14th century (Schnack 1998; Abb 37 Nr. 1492)

A larger, spacious leather pouch made according to a find from the German town of Schleswig. A latchet sewn to the edge of the pouch on one side, is used to close the pouch.

The resulting shape of the purse corresponds to the fashion trends of the late 13th and during the 14th century and can be traced in iconographic sources. The purse is designed to be worn on a belt or in a larger bag.

The pouch is made of thin vegetable tanned goatskin leather with a cowhide strap. It is sewn on the inside by hand with linen thread, the strap is also attached by hand sewing.

Height 18cm

Width 25,5cm

Height of the sling from the top edge approx. 30cm

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